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BHS Girl’s Basketball update | 2020


Olivia Cantadori ‘23



              Girls Basketball



     This year, the Girls Basketball team came in at 39 in Connecticut’s statewide ranking, with a strength of 10.4. To prepare for their games, the team practices defensive and offensive positions as well as basic skills, such as dribbling and shooting. 

      “It’s also a lot of running, but it’s worth it,” said Mai Nguyen ‘23, who started playing this year. 

Both JV and Varsity teams are made up of about 8 players, ranging from seniors to freshmen. Both teams are led by senior captain Miranda Nyborg and coached by Coach Anderson Rawlins. The team has many strengths this year, such as it’s defensive and offensive powers, however, players agree that the team’s supportive nature is what truly helps it succeed. 

     “This team is like a family that grows every day,” noted Mia Prazeres ‘20. 

     Morale is also high this year, thanks to Nyborg, as she was nominated for the McDonald’s All American games.

     JV home games start at approximately 4:15 p.m. while Varsity games start at 6 p.m. The games last for about an hour. Their season will end in March.