Boys’ soccer ended the season with a 15-2 victory

    By: Tyler Burns ’25

 Boys’ soccer ended the season with a 15-2 victory. 

     The Bethel Wildcats worked hard during their state game to take home one last victory. The boys had a great year filled with amazing memories. As the season passed the boys were able to create new friendships to help them work together on the field. 

     “No matter the age of anyone on the team, we all have become so close,” said senior Ben D’Amico.    

     One way they have accomplished this is by hosting pasta parties for the team before every game.

    None of their wins would be possible without their coach, Mr. Fernandes. Throughout the season, he has brought the boys together both on and off the field. 

     “We make sure to communicate with each other,” said Coach Fernandes. “It’s important as a coach to have that connection with players.”

     Fernandes was recently selected as the 2022 SWC and CIAC coach of the year. This amazing accomplishment proves that with good coaching comes good players. 

     The boys look up to their coach as a role model and a leader and are excited to end their season on a positive.