Max Pawloski – The Golf Star Of Our Generation? 

By: Ryan Cassell ’23

BETHEL – Each generation has its star athlete: Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Michael Phelps and so many more. Who is our generation’s big name? That would be none other than Max Pawloski ‘24


Pawloski started golfing when he was merely two years old. He instantly fell in love with the sport. He started with golf camp during the summer and transitioned to professional lessons in a swift manner. He even started playing competitively in local kids’ tours.


“My dad and grandpa have always loved the sport. They wanted to share their passion for the game with another generation,” said Pawloski. “I am extremely thankful to my dad and grandfather for introducing me to the game and the course of Richter Park.”


High school golf was very different from the golf Pawloski was used to. Even with this new challenge he adapted fast and ended up loving the team aspect of it. Just recently he dominated the yearly SWC tournament and put all other schools in their place. The weather was rough and the competition was immense, yet Pawloski powered through and rose up to the occasion.


What sets Pawloski apart is his positive mindset and passion for the game. Many golfers get angry and lash out when they have a bad hole or mess up. Pawloski tries to keep calm and composed. He keeps a strong positive mindset and does not fold in stressful situations. 


“Max is highly, highly skilled. His “bag” of shots is deep. He can hit each of his clubs a number of ways and his game is consistent. Beyond his skill and perhaps most importantly, Max is a young professional. He is mature beyond his years,” said Golf Coach Dylan Finer. 


Finer offered to be the assistant golf coach in the Spring of 202 and has since coached three seasons. Finer got into the sport when professional golf made a comeback following the Pandemic. He got to enjoy being outside and seeing friends safely. He loves how technical and individually competitive the sport is, especially while having had to social distance at the start of his career. 


Finer believes that Pawloski will eventually play college golf and will potentially aim higher toward the professional ranks. 

“Whatever Max chooses to do, I’m confident he will be successful,” Finer remarked.