Welcome to Our New BHS Teachers!


Nicole Bagala ‘20

Staff Writer

Spotlight on New BHS Teachers

    Last year we said goodbye to several of our beloved teachers: Mr. Trinklein, Mrs. Neville, Mr. Owen, Mr. DeRubertis, Ms. Lopp, Ms. Nero, Ms. Robertson and Mr. Wursthorn. They will be missed by BHS students and staff, but we now say hello to the several new teachers who have joined the BHS family.

     This year, Bethel High School welcomes fourteen new staff members, including: Marianna Bedoya (Spanish), Christine Manalo (Chorus), Dylan Finer and Megan Richardson (SPED), Alexander DeBrizzi (Science), Danielle Winstanley and Cristopher Collison (Social Studies), Marianna Shaposhnakova (Math), Kathryn Pierpaoli (Child Development), Amanda Bolduc (Social Worker), Andrea Einhorn (PPT Coordinator), Leanne Fuccillo (School Counseling Department Chairman), Gillian Mallick (ELL Instructor) and Gina Riccio-Bronn (English). 

     While there may be many new faces this year, teachers are excited to get to know their students. 

     “My job consists of teaching Spanish II, which is mostly freshmen at the high school. I’m also lucky enough to work at the middle school teaching one class of seventh grade and eighth grade,” exlained Bedoya. “It’s a bit stressful going between two schools at times and trying to figure out their block schedules, but I’m figuring it out.”

     Adjusting to a new job at a new school isn’t easy, but it also has its upsides.

     “The best part about teaching at a new school is that you get to create a culture of your own,” said Manalo. “And you also get to bond with the other new teachers. We try to hang out as much as we can and always try to check up on each other. It’s pretty nice.”

     So if you get the chance, stop by and say hello to the new members of the BHS family!

     Welcome, new staff members!