Bethel High School Department Head and Art Teacher, Rebecca Lacey Starts Doctoral Program

By: Erin Lowenadler ‘21

     Ms. Rebecca Lacey, Art Department Chairperson and teacher at Bethel High school, started her doctoral program on Jan. 19 to further her art education.

     A doctoral program is a process of awarding the student with either an EdD or a Ph.D, which will prepare Ms. Lacey for leadership positions within education.

     The doctoral program’s website, through Indiana University Bloomington, explains that the program is the right choice if the candidate is seeking practical and tangible solutions to challenges in the field of art education. The website also mentions how the program provides coursework and opportunities to conduct research. There are also ways to participate in scholarly publication while gaining teaching experiences in higher education.

     The course description fit Ms. Lacey’s desires perfectly and after searching for a program for the past year, she knew she had to act upon it.

     Ms. Lacey needed to find a program that would fit her schedule as a High School teacher, while also having time for her family at home.    

     The program being fully virtual gives enough time to continue her everyday life while working towards something she’s always had her heart set on — the degree.

     “It is an online program through Indiana University Bloomington. In the past I have shied away from online programs, finding that I thrive in programs with brick-and-mortar, in-person, intimate cohort formats. However, after living online as a teacher for the past 10 months, I realize the positives of online learning (along with the pitfalls) and also how to navigate the online educational world enthusiastically and productively,” Lacey said.

     Lacey’s close friend and colleague, Ms. Marjorie Overmier is excited to see her take off on this new chapter in her life and believes it is a smart decision to start this journey now.

     “I think schooling is prestigious and sets you apart. Going for an advanced degree allows you to keep up with educational trends through the theory of academics and by doing your degree when you are still active in the profession, you can put that theory into practice in your classroom,” Overmier said.

     And with putting practice into the classroom, Ms. Lacey is already thinking ahead with what she will be able to do once she gets her EdD. 

     “A doctoral degree would pave the way for me to pursue next steps in becoming qualified for upper-level educational administration positions, consulting, or higher education faculty positions. Specifically, it would acutely prepare me to teach art education students in college to become preK-grade 12 ART Educators,” said Lacey.

     Overmier said that she sees Ms. Lacey being fulfilled through this choice because she loves to learn!

No matter where Lacey ends up in life, she will be tackling each day with a purpose and a smile. Her passion for art and education will take her far. While she wants to do this for herself, Lacey only has one goal.

     “As with every major decision I make, I want to help make the world a better place, especially for our children,” Lacey said.

     And this program is just the beginning of her journey.