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Spotlight of Mr. Collison

Spotlight of Mr. Collison

   By: Brooke Lolhe ’23, Staff Writer

Every student at BHS has a favorite teacher and for many, that teacher is Mr. Collison. Mr. Collison is a fairly new history teacher who came to BHS a few years ago. 

     Students like his friendly and upbeat teaching style, which is especially helpful for freshmen who may be nervous about entering high school and need a supportive figure to calm them down. Many of his students would agree that his presence at BHS has made the school a better place.

     Mr. Collison has a way of teaching that makes distant topics like world history more interesting, even to people who might not like the subject.

      “Mr. Collison really engages with the class,” said Lucy Broomhead ‘23. 

     He is very considerate of students’ individual needs and worries and keeps a calm atmosphere in his classroom. One highlight of his classes is fun video Fridays, where the class would watch a funny video at the end of class to destress and take their minds off of school for a few minutes. 

     Despite history class having a reputation as being boring or useless, Mr. Collison shows that it can be interesting to learn about the past. 

     “Mr. Collison was an awesome teacher, I had him my freshman year and he made every day we had history fun and enjoyable,” said Grace Dias ‘23. 

     Very few people have anything bad to say about him and everyone has fond memories of his classes.

Students aren’t the only ones who appreciate his work, his colleagues do, too.

     “Mr. Collison’s humor and intellect have all greatly benefitted Bethel High School,” said Ms. Stevens.

     Mr. Collison makes our school a better and more welcoming place overall; it’s no wonder that so many students and colleagues have nice things to say about him. He is a popular teacher and even students who haven’t had him before have heard something good about him and his classes. 

     Mr. Collison was also a good teacher during the pandemic last year and the year before. While many students had problems with balancing the workload of school with mental health and personal problems, Mr. Collison’s assignments were easily digestible and didn’t add too much burden to students. Overall, he is a great member of the BHS staff and has done a lot to help both students and faculty feel more at home here.

While there are many great teachers at BHS, lots of students have a soft spot for Mr. Collison because of how much he cares for his job and other people. Hopefully, many more students will be able to take his classes and see for themselves how relaxed and engaging they are.