Mrs. Gallo: Teacher Spotlight

By: Yashvi 25-Bhavsar


This year Bethel High School welcomes Mrs. Gallo, a Spanish teacher who was hired after Mrs. Davila and Ms. Bedoya left BHS.

Gallo teaches both Spanish 12 and Spanish 22 and while she is new to BHS, she is not new to teaching.

“I’ve taught all over New York, Long Island, Westchester, the city, over my 14 years,” Gallo explained. Her Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican heritage is why she has chosen to teach Spanish, so others can learn her language.

“Mrs. Gallo is that she’s a fun Spanish teacher and friend,” said fellow Spanish teacher Ms. Alomar.

As Mrs. Gallo is new to Bethel, she spends her time outside of school exploring the town. Singing and dancing to all types of music is a hobby she greatly enjoys, along with spending time with her husband and two daughters. She also teaches ESL (English as a second language), though she is not doing so at the moment.

“Her teaching style is different. She gives quizlets to study at home because they offer many different ways to learn the material. She does do-nows and allows everyone to answer questions and participate in class and creates a safe place for students to feel comfortable,” said Nicole Evans ‘26, a student in her Spanish 12 class.