Teacher & Career Spotlight

By: Brooke Lohle ’23

For many people, the coming of fall means dropping temperatures, pumpkin spices and a colorful change of scenery- but for seniors, this fall will likely be the most stressful season in their lives. College applications are coming up and as the early decision deadline looms in the distance, a lot of students may be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their futures. What college is right for you? What major do you find interesting? Are minors or even double majors worth your time? And, the most daunting of all: how do you use this degree once you get it? Luckily, we’re surrounded by people who have already gone to college and figured it out from there. Maybe hearing how teachers adjusted to adult life will lower our stress, at least a little.


Mr. Krupnikoff

Math Teacher

College: Bucknell University

Major: Accounting

Minor: Japanese Studies

Transition After College: I started working at a bank to save up my money to move to California. Once I successfully moved there, I got into Commercial Real Estate.


Mr. Collison

History Teacher

College: Union College

Major: World History

Minor: Classics

Transition After College:

After college, I had the opportunity to teach, coach and play lacrosse in England through the English Lacrosse Organization to help grow the game. I was set up with a sports club over there and spent time going to schools to teach lacrosse in gym classes, coaching youth teams and playing and coaching for a men’s team. Once I got home after a couple of years, I moved up to Boston intending to start a Master’s program for teaching. I got a job in the corporate world to save money and started graduate school. I then luckily received my first teaching job in 2011 and have been doing that ever since.




Mrs. Stevens

History Teacher

College: James Madison University

Major: Media Arts and Design (print journalism concentration)

Minor: History

Transition after College:

 After I finished my undergraduate degree, I went to grad school to get my Master’s in Secondary Education. I participated in a program where I interned at a school during the day and took my classes at night. The internship was really helpful in the transition from college to the workforce because I was getting real-world, professional experience while I was still completing my studies.