Freshmen Life

Killian Bradbury, Staff

by Killian Bradbury

A new year always brings forth a wealth of changes for all students of Bethel High School, but one experiences a change quite as significant as the freshmen attending high school for the first time. Freshmen Kaitlynn Hanrahan, who is new to not only high school but the Bethel public school system, feels at home in the welcoming atmosphere of BHS. Hanrahan sums up her experiences in Bethel High School as “good”, even though navigating the school can be difficult at times. All students of BHS, from seniors to sophomores, were freshmen at one point and can recall the horror of being late to class because of the maze-like hallways that feel so familiar now. When asked if he would assist a lost freshmen, sophomore Sam Reyes admits that he would be hesitant if he didn’t know the student, yet if a freshmen seemed truly disoriented, he would do his best to help. Upperclassmen often enjoy teasing their younger counterparts, yet it’s important to know that awestruck freshmen might have trouble drawing the line between upperclassmen indifference and normal highschool shenanigans. Freshmen, likewise, needn’t be averse to their older classmates. As members of BHS, students should always be comfortable giving, or asking, for a helping hand. Freshmen Taylor Dombroski has nothing but positive things to say about BHS and it’s students. She recalls how upperclassman have helped her find her way around the school and help her integrate herself into the new, yet fascinating high school.

Far from negative, Willis Ballard proclaims that “it’s [Bethel High school] great!” and confesses that he’s “loving it”, from his teachers to all the upperclassman he has quickly befriended. Soo Cho agrees with the consensus that high school is a giant leap from middle school, but her message to all students and staff of BHS is simply, “love you, peace out”.