Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens!

Madhumita Das, Staff

December is here and everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Coupons to various stores are filling your mailbox and Christmas is quickly approaching. Finding the perfect present for a teenager is difficult, especially they do not clearly tell you what they would like as a gift. Here are five general gift ideas that most teenagers will certainly enjoy.

1) Pillow Remote Control by Brookstone- This new product is basically a sofa pillow that is also a remote control. Equipped with fabric buttons and databases holding over 500 remote control devices, finding the remote control should never be a problem again!

2) Gauri Nanda’s “Clocky”- This alarm clock is a great gift for those who have trouble getting out of bed early in the morning. If you press the snooze button on this alarm clock, it will jump off your nightstand and make you get out of bed to turn the beeping sound off. This product is 5.25 inches wide with a wheel on each side of the clock. It is available in the colors almond, aqua, raspberry, black, chrome, and coco.

3) Spinning Birdcage Jewelry Stand- This jewelry stand is a great gift for girls with a large collection of jewelry. The stand includes four rows of dotted holes perfect for organizing earrings. Finally, one can spin the display to conveniently view the earrings from all sides of the cylindrical stand. This product is available in turquoise, bronze, and white.

4) App Magnets- This simple gift is great for anyone who has an iPod. The set includes 18 magnets designed to look like Apps found on the iPhone or iTouch. These magnets can be used to simply decorate a refrigerator or can also be used to organize notes. For example, the phone app magnet can be used to attach a phone number to the refrigerator. App Magnets are available on

5) Mustache Pillowcase Set by Urban Outfitters- These unique pillowcases are a funny and unique gift for the holidays. The set includes two pillow cases that form a giant mustache when placed beside each other.

Other ideas include buying a magnetic memory board and placing old pictures on it, creating a personal mug or T-shirt on, and purchasing a gift card to your friend’s favorite store. Good luck and Happy Holidays!