Cheerful additions: BHS walls don new pictures

Jack Moriarty, Staff

Many complain about how dark and dull the walls of Bethel High School are; however, a recent change in our school is brightening the attitude. Members of the art department, along with professional photographers, have come together to take pictures of students, teachers, and staff in the school. These new prints are being displayed throughout Bethel High School.

While many students and members of the staff have seen these new pictures, many do not realize what process goes into this activity. Mrs. Overmier, who is involved in these pictures and is an art teacher at Bethel High School, explains, “Several different photographers, including many professionals, take the pictures. Then, they gather different choices and choose which ones should be hung throughout the school.” Mrs. Overmier continues, “The selection process is extremely difficult. There are so many good pictures and we want to be able to represent all clubs and organizations of the school.”

Many have welcomed this change to the school. Mrs. Dovale, who teaches Spanish at Bethel High School, states, “I love the new pictures. They create a good environment, and it shows the involvement of students.” And when asked if the pictures help decorate the school and express what BHS is about, Dovale declares, “Yes, definitely.”

Mrs. Overmier also reflects, “I get very excited for the new pictures. They are so interesting, and they look great throughout the school.” Mrs. Overmier further explains, “Mrs. Pardalis (retired Social Studies teacher) recently came back to visit, and greatly appreciated and enjoyed the new pictures.”

The school plans on continuing this new tradition. Many agree with Mrs. Dovale when she states, “I can not wait to see more pictures in the future.”