Valentine’s Day Dance for Transitional Students

Evan Wagman, Journalism Student

On February 11, my friends and I went to the Maxx in New Milford for a Valentine’s Day dance. Mrs. Peters set up this dance for transitional students 18-21 to meet and make new friends. These transitional students came from New Milford, Brookfield, Bethel, Torrington, and Newtown.

At the dance, Mrs. Peters had a blast because it was nice to see her students dancing and having fun. Mrs. Peters said, “ I thought it was a great event and I am thinking about what social event we can host here at Bethel High School.”

Jon Foster had a great time at the dance because he met new kids and teachers as well. When I was dancing, I noticed that Jon wasn’t really dancing. I had to tell him “Get your boogie on.” He said he was talking to a teacher at the time. He started dancing later on. Jon says, “I felt great about the day.”

Debbie Muhlfeld had fun at the dance because she got to get out of school for a bit. She requested to listen to Rascal Flatts.

I really enjoyed the dance because I made new friends. The music was good and fun to dance to. The lunch was great and I was stuffed after eating. I also heard a band I never knew about. I was upset when the D.J. didn’t have time to play Drowning Pool “Bodies.” I dealt without it.

I don’t remember all the transitional students I met, but I clearly remember meeting Anna. I believe That Mrs. Peters introduced me to her. I said “hi” to her and gave her a handshake.

Overall, this was an excellent experience for transitional students to make and meet new friends to interact with at this spectacular event. I had a blast and would do this again next year.