DECA Club Prepares for State Competition

Victoria Santos, Journalism Student

The DECA club has been preparing for its second State Marketing and Management Competition to be held on March 14, 2011. Students in the DECA program will present marketing and management ideas to judges at these competitions in hopes of qualifying for nationals.

Because last year was DECA’s first year, students are entering the competition with high hopes. “On our first competition, one of our teams got fourth place and we actually qualified for nationals, but there wasn’t enough money for us to go,” explains Mrs. Fildes. Working with the students are Mr. Doolan and Mrs. Black; both teachers are doing everything they can to prepare the students for the cluster test and the presentation.

All students participating this year were chosen by the business department to compete. Most of these students in the DECA program are preparing for a career in the business industry. One of the many advantages for the students in these competitions is the exposure to the business community says Mrs. Fildes.

The school also benefits from these competitions; some high schools, like Danbury High School, are known and respected for their successful DECA program. Winning states and even better, nationals, makes other schools and colleges notice.

While talking to some of the competitors, it is fair to say that nerves are a factor. “It is very intense; once you get the case you have 30 minutes to read over it and plan your presentation. Following that, you have 10 minutes to cover all of the requests of the judge and deliver a good presentation that will fill the 10 minutes they give us,” says sophomore Kimberly Finer.

It’s obvious that both students and teachers are working hard to prepare for the March 14th competition. Who knows! If they do qualify for nationals this year, students may be able to go down to Orlando, FL for an even more challenging national competition. Until then, support the DECA program and root for the teams attending states!