CAPT Testing in Progress

Taylor Freitas, Journalism Student

The 2011 CAPT testing is going on at Bethel High School! Sophomores and freshmen have been preparing for these since they entered Bethel High. Eight long days face the students as they take these tests. They’re tested in Math, English, History, and Science, all of which are sent to the state for scoring and returned to the students over the summer.

“All I’ve been hearing about in most of my classes since freshman year is CAPTs CAPTs CAPTs! Now they’re finally here and I feel prepared for them,” says Stephanie Caruso, sophomore.

After two years of practice, expectations are high for sophomores taking CAPTs and freshmen Pre-CAPTs. Freshman Amanda Basso says, “I’m only a freshman and my teachers are expecting me to score fours and fives already!”

Sophomore English teacher Mr.Minor prepares his students for CAPT testing by, “practicing skills for both reading and writing, we focus on essential strategies.”

Teachers explain to students that preparing for CAPTs is more than just what they learn in the classroom. It’s important to, “get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast and their best individual effort,” says Minor.

“My students have shown great progress all year and I know they’ll be prepared for the test. I’m confident they’re best ability will be displayed while taking the test,” says Minor.

Students will continue CAPT testing until March 16th. Though the CAPTS are thought to be tedious by some students, they should still try their hardest, especially since a score of four or five in a subject means they are exempt from midterms next year.