Once Upon a School Musical

Victoria Santos, Journalism Student

March 18th is the day the royal family and peasants of the land will turn the auditorium of Bethel High School into a musical comedy featuring the story of a princess and her adventures. Since November, the cast of Once upon a Mattress has been preparing for this musical comedy premier.

Once Upon a Mattress is really good for a high school show, because it has funny jokes for adults and the whole princess, fairytale theme for kids,” says senior Casey Maher, the Queen of the musical.

“I’ve always wanted to do a renaissance type musical (because I love the costumes) and I love musical comedy, and this has both,” admits Mrs. Neville, the show’s director. “I went to see it over the summer and I absolutely loved it! I love the story, I love the music. I knew we had the kids to play the parts and that’s how it came about.”

Every year Mrs. Neville is excited to bring something new to the stage. “I’m very confident with the cast and the stage crew because I think it will be a wonderful show and the people who come are really going to enjoy it,” says Connor Sawyer who plays Jester.

Both cast and the crew glow about the environment in rehearsals. “It’s really fun. We sometimes have to be serious and tone it down, but overall it’s really fun. We have group bonding exercises before each rehearsal, and we all get along very well,” says Casey Maher. Jennifer Correnty who plays Lady Larken agrees.

This cast doesn’t only get along; they are also very talented, individuals doing what they love to do. Even during rehearsals the cast goes up on stage and perform as if it was a full house. “The cast is very dedicated we rehearse everyday for two to three hours and sometimes we rehearse on Saturdays,” says Mrs. Neville.

Mark your calendars for March 18, 19, 25 and 26, for the Once Upon a Mattress production in Bethel High school. It will be a great experience – different from BHS musicals of the past; and if you plan on trying out next year for the musical, Max Rahndhan, who plays the king, says, “ Stick with it [the musical] because it is a great experience.”