Mr. Wildcat Competitors Prepare to Dazzle

Marc Ruiz, Journalism Student

The Mr. Wildcat competition only happens once a year. This year it’s April 7th at 7:00 PM. For senior guys, the competition is a great event to show their true beauty. Student Government President Dave Suske, explains, “Mr. Wildcat is a male beauty pageant. It’s funny and everyone should go.”

Student government and teachers Ms. Yonsky and Mrs. Kirk are in charge of putting Mr. Wildcat together. “We have about thirteen guys who are fully committed to the competition,” states Suske. These guys will compete against one another by showcasing a variety of skills and talents on stage. Suske says that after all performances, three judges: Mrs. Baghdady, Mr. Trinklein and Mrs. Bradshaw will choose the winner.

This competition is bound to get intense. Competitor Alexander Fazio says, “I always wanted to be in Mr. Wildcat ever since I was a 9th grade. It seems like so much fun.” Fazio believes, “My great dancing is what is going to win me first place.”

The school year is coming into its final months so there are going to be a lot of fun events coming up. “I signed up because it is going to be one of the last things that I will do at Bethel High,” states Fazio. For the thirteen competitors, it will be one of the last things other students, peers and teachers will remember them by.