Animoto: Easy, Fast, And Effective

Marc Ruiz, Journalism Student

Some students at Bethel High School find that working on computers is very frustrating. Constantly copying and pasting every single image, things not saving and getting deleted, having to play around with how big to make the image, and not to mention all the hassle of getting music and videos into a PowerPoint all can be a hassle. But keep heart because there is a solution to all of this! That solution is Animoto.

For the past couple of weeks, some seniors have been working on Animoto for English class. Animoto is an automated program that takes all your images, music, text and videos then puts it in a slide show. What is great about Animoto is the tempo of the song that’s being played determines how fast the slides move.

“I found (Animoto) to be very simple. The program did most of the work for me,” states Andrew Millan, a senior at BHS.

For once there is no getting frustrated trying to figure out how it works. “Animoto puts everything together. All that is needed to be done is find your pictures and pick out your music,” explains senior A.J Polaski.

Not worrying whether the technology will work or not not helps students stay relaxed and focused more on the content of the project. “I liked the program a lot. I look forward to using it more often” concludes senior Alex Fazio.