Forget the Books, Hit the Databases

Lily Ziegler, Journalism Student

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It is time for many BHS students to write their annual research paper. In order to do so, each student learns how to use pathfinders, databases, and any of the other technological resources available to them.

Ms. Wismar, Library Media Specialist at BHS, insists that kids don’t like to read anymore, which is why the integration of virtual resources is important. Ms. Wismar has worked hard in “creating digital pathfinders,” acting as a virtual map that shows students to different databases. “This ensures better and more accurate research,” says Ms. Wismar. She teaches students to be aware of their digital citizenship.

Despite the shift from books to technology, “print resources can be found on the computer… such as eBooks and online textbooks,” includes Ms. Wismar.

While writing her research paper, Abby Heinemeyer noted that using computers for research “gives you more resources” and makes those resources “easier to find.” In fact, places like Nettrekker present one with “all the sources you could possibly need.”

Kelly Tyra who has also started the research process says that digital resources provide an alternative to “blindly searching on Google.” Tyra found that Modern World History was “really helpful” and “specific” because it is a “dependable search engine.”

Digital resources have become more abundant and more helpful as the world of technology has expanded, creating more opportunities for research. With this said, good luck to all those writing research papers.