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A Profile of Mrs. Karnath by Evan

Mrs. Karnath wanted to become a personal finance teacher because she wanted to impact students for the rest of their lives. She wants her students to get the fundamentals of savings, credit, other loans, investing, and college as well as understand career options from her class.

She also enjoys teaching all the lessons especially investing and the stock market. Mrs. Karnath says, “They are very exciting and dynamic. The current economic situation has such a huge impact.”

Before Mrs. Karnath taught personal finance, she worked in Corporate finance and consulting. She worked on financial data and vendor contracting which was very challenging because it involved lots of numbers and critical decisions impacting dollars.

Senior Jake Kawulicz enjoys the Personal Finance class. He says, “I sit next to the coolest kid in school.” (Jake sits next to me!) Jake thinks this class is worth while because the teacher teaches how to manage his money. He now understands money management and how to save for the future.

Ethan Kohley enjoys the class because he enjoys Mrs. Karnath’s teaching style. Ethan wants “to learn how to budget his money correctly.” He’s getting lots of knowledge about money and how to spend it.

Ashley Johnson also enjoys the class. She says, “I’m learning many new things that I can apply to other aspects of my life.” According to Ashley, this class is worth her while because she says, “I’m learning a lot of information.” She’s getting out of this class how to manage her money and finances.

Jessica Tavares enjoys the class because the teacher is nice and brings up good lessons about personal finance. Jessica maintains that this class will help her in real life situations in the future. She now understands about the value of credit/credit cards.