BHS Celebrates Student Art

Bethel High School’s annual art show is finally here. The selective art work BHS students have created in their art classes since September will appear in the school gym for display. Preparations for the show begin May 13th, with the show running into evening of May 18th.

BHS offers eighteen art classes to students. The best student work from these classes are displayed for everyone in the community.

Since the school gym is used for gym classes, the art show is only allowed a limited time to put everything together for display. Art teacher Lynn Ferrier says, “So far it’s running smoothly it’s really hard to tell because we don’t put it together until three days before.”

With hundreds of projects to choose from, each art teacher asks student to display work they are most proud of. “I am looking forward to displaying the large paper mache kitchen gadgets from sculpture and I have a lot of good work from the advanced ceramics kids this year,” tells Ferrier.

Students from all the art classes are very excited to see their work displayed to the school and visitors. Some students will have one piece in the art show and others may have up to ten or more from full year art classes.

“I’m very excited and nervous to see my pieces in the gym next Wednesday, but I’m happy that my artwork isn’t just done with after its graded. People will see it,” says ceramics student Maddie Bedder, sophomore.

“This semester we’ve done two projects, one individual and one group. Our group project took a majority of our time so far and it’s huge. It’s a giant paper mache lemon juicer. Without a doubt, people will notice it,” says Danielle Demato, senior sculpture student.

Not only is putting the art show together a huge project, but cleaning up after will be just as hard. After the art show there is only a selective amount of days, again, to clear all projects from the gym. When the projects are all cleared, students can keep their work or teachers might keep some work. The rest will be given away for display or put in the garbage.

Students and teachers will be working very hard to make this show something worth seeing. Don’t forget to stop in the gym Wednesday May 18th to see wonderful artwork displayed from the artists at Bethel High School.