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And the winner is…

Last Friday, May 13, 2011, the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences attended the annual Student Film Festival at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury. There were a total of five video submissions from BHS students in various categories, including: Outstanding Documentary, Outstanding Animated Short, Outstanding News Report, Outstanding Historical Short, and Outstanding Fictional Short. These submissions were the result of hours of work and preparation over the course of this year.

“I don’t play sports, but the Film Festival is my Championship,” explains Carlota Charles. Charles’ submission in the Film Festival won Most Outstanding News Report. “It was actually really funny because at first the announcers messed up the name of our production company,” she explains. “But as soon as they said Bethel I literally screamed with joy. I think I even teared up a little bit.”

In addition to this victory, Bethel received awards for the Outstanding Animated and Outstanding Fictional Short. In fact, the Bethel submission in the Fictional Short category was elected Viewer’s Choice by the audience.

Mrs. Fildes, Digital Media teacher in the Academy of Digital Arts and Science, was very proud that Bethel was nominated for awards in nearly every category. She, as well as the students, excitedly awaits next year’s Film Festival to see if Bethel can continue their victorious streak.

Dakota Wright also deserves recognition for creating Bethel’s Animated Logo that must be attached to every film submission. This logo presents Bethel’s Production Company, Midnight Wolf Productions, and was seen several times throughout the night.

Nicole Meadows witnessed the Film Festival for the first time. She “loved it” because “it was such a good experience, especially if you want to be in the [movie making] field in the future.” Meadows particularly enjoyed how it was set up like the Oscars, complete with a red carpet and paparazzi. Meadows says, “Overall, it was a very enjoyable night.”