Bittersweet: Seniors Celebrate at Holiday Hill

Jack Moriarty, Journalism Student

This coming week marks one month left of school. For seniors, these will be bittersweet moments. Friday May 20, was definitely a high note when seniors took a field trip to Holiday Hill near Cheshire, CT for a day of fun activities and spending time with the entire class.

Ms. Dirzius, English teacher at Bethel High School and one of the senior class advisers, explains, “Having an end of the year class trip is a chance to celebrate all of the accomplishments that students have achieved over the past four years,” states Dirzius. “It is also a time to create new memories that will carry over to college and places of employment.” Ms. Dirzius goes on to say, “Graduating high school is a great feat on its own – the trip is just an added bonus.”

Holiday Hill is a picnic venue with several fun amenities and activities. There are pools, games, sports fields, and food. All of which are things that a standard teenager adores. Senior Becca Costanzo reflected upon her experience at Holiday Hill saying, “I had a lot of fun on the senior trip to Holiday Hill. At first, I thought that it would be cold and rainy, but luckily the sun came out and I spent some time by the pool with my friends,” Becca explains. “I also loved participating in some activities there like mini golf, bocce, obstacle courses, badmitton, and basketball. Not to mention there was a ton of food on hand at all times!”

Overall, the class trip is a fabulous way to celebrate the senior class. There are great memories and experiences that teachers and students will remember forever. And Ms. Dirzius states in regards to the senior class trip in the future, “Of course, we will have a senior trip next year. We wouldn’t want to break tradition, and it gives the upcoming seniors something else to look forward to.”