Fashion Show, with a New York Twist

This summer is all about bright colors and having fun; which is what was displayed on Tuesday, May 31 at the annual DECA fashion show. From the casual looks to the fancy galas, last night’s show had everything guys and girls need to know for this season’s fashion.

The show, planned by Maria Anaya, had over 50 models, both teachers and students, who modeled all types of clothing. The interesting theme, New York, although very common, was executed uniquely. The lights and the slide shows made the scene realistic and animated. Maria and her team did a great job planning each scene according to the bureau it was located, and the clothing the models wore.

The talent acts were a great addition to the show. Austin Luu sang and played the guitar, Maggie Dalton sang “Rolling in the Deep” by new artist Adele, and Chelsea Alvarez added her dancing talent.

This year’s show was an overall success. If you missed this year’s show, be sure to join DECA next year and participate and support the club.