Mirage Coffeehouse

Becca Costanzo, Journalism Student

This Friday (June 3rd) is going to be a night of creative expression thanks to the Mirage Literary Arts Club and their annual Mirage Coffeehouse extravaganza. The one night only event highlights the achievements of BHS poets, artists, photographers, and writers, who submitted work to the Mirage club for a chance to be published in the magazine. Mirage club members have been working since December to put together the magazine and plan for fundraising events. And as the final stretch of the project draws nearer, members are itching with anticipation.

“I’m really excited,” says Mirage member and artwork editor Katie Hires. The coffeehouse event is a chance to show all the hard work that the club has been doing to make the magazine interesting. Lead Editor Nicola Gallagher says, “Not only do you get to see awesome entertainment but our award winning magazine is ready for the public to read and enjoy.”

An interesting feature of this year’s magazine that sets it apart from previous editions is the utilization of color on four pages inside magazine. Usually the club can only afford to give the front and back covers color, but after two different fundraisers, there is enough in the budget to make the center fold pages fully colored. Club leader Ms. Mari Lerz says, “It’s our biggest and most colorful edition to date.”

Ms. Lerz and Ms. Marjorie Overmier oversee the club’s activities and they are hopeful that the color will add some new flair to the magazine. As for the coffeehouse event, Ms. Lerz believes, “The diversity of this year’s acts is amazing. Everything from poetry, to stand-up comedy, to music; really all forms of creative expression are involved in the show!

In addition to making the magazine look more appealing, Mirage hopes that the coffeehouse will inspire new artists to want to make their work known. “What I love is that it allows students a platform to share their creativity to the school,” says Ms. Lerz. After seeing published student’s read their poetry or gush over their printed piece of artwork, perhaps some timid artists will be encouraged to break out and be bold.

Even if a student does not feel comfortable performing at coffeehouse, the club is optimistic that this event will spark interest for some new members to the club next year. Mirage is graduating seven seniors, all of which hold significant editors positions, and the club can always use some fresh ideas and opinions.

So whether you appreciate the arts or not, come down to Mirage Coffeehouse and support BHS talent!