Mrs. Gallo prepares to retire

Jack Moriarty, Journalism Student

All teachers in this school are influential, but there will always be those teachers who have been truly memorable. Mrs. Gallo, a history and civics teacher at Bethel High School, stands out in the mind of many. Students and fellow faculty members understand the genuine person Mrs. Gallo is, and that is why it will be sad to see her retire.

Mrs. Gallo will be retiring at the end of this school year. As a result, everyone will feel like there is something missing in the history department, along with the spirit of Bethel High School in general. History teacher Mr. Ciparelli says, “Mrs. Gallo is like the heart of the history department. Every time I am around her, she asks to see pictures of my kid and she really cares about everyone. These are the little things that people forget about sometimes. I believe she will be terribly missed.”

Mr. Krupnikoff, math teacher at BHS, also has a close connection with Mrs. Gallo. Krupnikoff describes her as having, “the best sense of humor of any teacher in this school. The lady marches to her own beat and at her own speed.”

While many of the teachers are upset to see Mrs. Gallo leave, she, too, is having some bittersweet moments. Mrs. Gallo, despite her final decision to retire, says, “Every part of me is sad to leave. I definitely have mixed feelings, and it is always hard to leave something that you love.”

Gallo continues, “I will miss the kids the most. I have worked here for fourteen years over the years.”
While many students and staff know Mrs. Gallo as the magnificent teacher at Bethel High School, many do not realize her life story before becoming a teacher. “Before I became a teacher, I was a real estate broker,” states Gallo. “I then decided to become a teacher later because I was a teacher years ago, and I wanted to get back.” Gallo further explains, “I wanted passion in my life, and I am truly passionate about teaching.”

Something else that is very interesting about Mrs. Gallo is her connection with Bill Cosby. “We went to college together,” states Gallo with a smile. “We both went to Temple University, and knew each other. He was older than me, and always broke. I remember he used to ask me for ten cents for a cup of coffee,” Gallo explains. “Also, a bunch of my friends and I supported Cosby during the early stages of his career. We went to some dives all around the Philadelphia area to watch him.”

Mrs. Gallo is a kind, passionate, and fascinating person. Every teacher, or student of hers over the years, has some sort of personal story or memory with Mrs. Gallo. Although it will be sad to see her leave Bethel High School, we can always hold on to the memories and fun times shared with this truly magnificent person and teacher.