Senior Moments

Marc Ruiz, Journalism Student

It seems just like yesterday that today’s Bethel High School seniors were walking down the hallways as freshman, and now four years later they are making there final preparations for graduation. Although many are happy to be graduating and getting on with their lives, some seniors are reflective.

“The years flew by,” says senior Kyle Rogers. “I still can’t believe there is less than a month left of high school.” He adds, “I’m going to miss my classmates. Hopefully I will be able to keep in touch with a bunch of them over the years.”

For some graduating seniors, one of the most memorial senior moments was Holiday Hill. Mohammad Khan says, “Holidays Hills is something I will always remember, I had a lot of fun there.”

Many senior athletes agree that their best memories were playing on a team representing Bethel. Richie Hodge’s favorite moments include “being on a great baseball team for two years with all my teammates and winning our first state game in three years.”

Football players Javier Reyes, Alex Fazio, and Randy Lowenadler will always remember their team beating New London when they were juniors to get them into the state championship game.

Yes, high school is nearly done for seniors, and while it was a time of hard work, sweat and tears, it will also be a time to look back and smile from the memories.