Personality Profile: Hannah Bjornson

Queenie Yeung, Journalism Student

She cites Julie Andres as her inspiration to the vibrancy and glory of Broadway musical history. She claims Picasso as her gateway to exploiting paints into visual art of cubism.

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Bjornson is an art and music loving student who intends to become both a linguist and artist while fulfilling her part-time work duties as a data entry clerk of a foreclosure inspection office and new hostess of Stella’s restaurant.

Disturbed by mainstream music, Hannah says, “I believe we are losing the true meaning of music of expressing our emotions as the only thing being expressed by the mainstream is racy images and infectious rhythm.” She also notes that there are much more talented people all over the world who deserve some recognition, but music industries should not alter any musician’s work at all. Furthermore she enjoys a wide range of music from classical pieces of Bach to the sultry tunes of Roaring Twenties jazz.

Aside from her values in music, Bjornson believes in form and beauty within art. She adores paintings, but also dabbles in a multitude of arts of sculpture, dress designing, and even charcoal drawing. She is also a full-fledged AP Studio Art student of Bethel High school who is currently working on a portfolio to present to the National Art Honors Society. “I do count on their opinion of my work”, she explains. “However I won’t be let down if they reject me. I’ll just try harder.”

Committed to her schoolwork, Hannah also works two part time jobs as she balances it with three AP courses of Art Studio, Art History, and Music. Her first job is data entry clerk of KRA, which is a foreclosure inspection office. She submits files and data of foreclosed homes around the Fairfield county area. She knows the manager as her friend’s mother, but respectively treats her manager as any other boss.

Recently Bjornson applied to working at Stella’s, a new established restaurant and bar within the Dolan Plaza of Greenwood Avenue. In front of the door on Thursday and Saturday evening, she awaits to greet new faces and venerable guests to their designated tables. “I really enjoy this job”, she answers. “It’s much social and lively. And heck, I get free fountain drinks from the bartender anytime I want!”

Although she works two jobs and commits to the AP courses including 12th grade honors English, she is willing to strive through the adversities of work and school to get where she wants to be in order to make an impression on the world. Hannah admits, “A lot of people, including my mother, turn me down to pursue being a musician while studying art, but I really can disregard their comments and do things at my own pace and style for my future can be created by myself.”