How to Survive Freshman Year

Let’s face it: freshman year is hard. To help ease the transition into high school, members of the Bethel High School community offer freshmen 9 tips to survive the year:

1. “Don’t be scared!” -Alison Beck (Senior)

2. “Take initiative to get help from teachers when you need it.” – Ms. Sue Lynch (English Teacher)

3. ”Get to know your teachers.” – Ms. Diana Yonsky (Social Studies Teacher)

4. “Aim high when it comes to choosing your classes.” – Ms. Sue Lynch

5. “Keep up with homework.” – Alison Beck

6. “Make new friends and branch out.” – Lassett Light (Junior)

7. “Don’t carry a large backpack.” – Alison Beck (Senior)

8. “Don’t worry about getting lost; you’ll find your way soon.” – Alison Beck

9. “Don’t be obnoxious.” – Lassett Light

One thought on “How to Survive Freshman Year

  • December 9, 2011 at 8:24 am

    This was great! As a freshman I think that these would really help, although I think that you should add one more: Be proactive. I participate in marching band and it helped my adaption into BHS tenfold.


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