Dating Tips for Old Pros

With snow around the corner, teens are looking for ways to stay warm through the winter months. And while it’s always nice to snuggle with someone else, it’s really important to make sure that these blossoming relationships are healthy and based on mutual respect.

Wildcat Word interviewed some BHS Pros on some of the best ways to get a date, keep a date, and stay healthy through it all.

Dr.Pat Cosentino says….
→ Date in groups.
→ Keep your own friends and interests.
→ Talk on the phone in addition to chatting on Facebook.
→ Focus on what you like about them, not what you DON’T like about them.
→ “Fight nice, in a respectful way. Don’t belittle each other… deal with the issue. There’s always some conflict.”

“The Beebz” (Mr. Al Bibeau married 25 years – together 30) says…
→ Don’t talk about yourself too much initially – you’ll “sort of come off as vain”
→ Dress nicely.
→ Watch your language.
→ “Have a sense of humor, but don’t overdo it.”
→ “Don’t belly over everything he says [girls].”
→ “Don’t be afraid to meet her parents.”
→ “Don’t just sit in her car [in the driveway], go up to her door and ring the bell.”

Mr. Bob Owen married 16 years says…
→ Cook for her; have a linen tablecloth and linen napkins.
→ “Pay for her the first couple of dates, but don’t be afraid of going dutch.”

“Quailman” (Mr. Kim Trinklein – married 26 years) says…
→ Don’t be reluctant to let her drive
→ Don’t be reluctant to let her pay.
→ Just kidding – at least split the cost.
→ Don’t go too far away – “no long distance”
→ “Always have a plan for something to do.”