A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Your Homework Done

Angelica Bonnabeau, News Editor

If you’re a high school student, chances are you experience difficultly completing your assignments from time to time. But never fear! Upon getting home from school, simply follow these steps, which are heavily borrowed from my own routine, and your homework will be completed in no time! Hey, it works for me every time!

Step One: Take out your agenda book.
Step Two: Place flat down on the table.
Step Three: Place your drink down on your new coaster and turn on the TV. You have all the time in the world; you might as well relax a bit.
Step Four: Snap out of your television- induced reverie, it’s already 4:30!
Step Five: Eat some snacks to calm your nerves.
Step Six: Eat some more snacks, you don’t want to do math on an empty stomach.
Step Seven: Oh no, it appears that instead of opening a textbook you have logged on to the computer. Well, while you’re here…
Step Eight; Internet. Then, just a little bit more Internet.
Step Nine: Oh no! Now it’s 6:30! You have to eat dinner, even though you still haven’t gotten anything finished.
Step Ten: Your favourite show is on after dinner, can’t miss that…
Step Eleven: After the show is over, freak out and start doing work. You wish you had given yourself more time to complete this; it’s quite a lot of work…
Step Twelve: Take a break with some more computer time. You’ve been working your butt off and you deserve it.
Step Thirteen: Gah! It’s 10:30 and you’re still not done! Freak out some more. You’re tired and should go to bed…but homework!

And now for the most important step…

Step Fourteen: Shut up and finish the assignments already. It’s your own fault for pushing it off and goofing around. And if you complain about being tired tomorrow, that’s your fault, too, so I don’t want to hear you complaining about having to do work because of your self- imposed exhaustion. You’re in high school; start learning how to do things.

Best of luck!