Ms. Lacey: a Photoshop Phenomenon

Queenie Yeung, Journalism Student

Across the decrepit wooden tables splotched with various colors of acrylic paints and leftover stains of Sharpie markers, she awaits the silence that commences after the blare of the second school bell.

She declares out loud to her class, “Get working on your pictures. I want to see you clear your screens of irrelevant sites.” The teacher walks by a student whose screen shown the obvious layout of Power School. Noticing this, she humorously adds, “With the exception of viewing your grades.”

Ms. Rebecca Lacey works with her period 8 Digital Photography class. Digital Photography embodies the elements of art and technology to create perspective, eye-catching photographical pictures for viewers to take time and observe the puzzling, magnified beauty of assorted objects.

However, Ms. Lacey is not only committed to her Digital Photography class. She balances her duties as a multiple arts teacher and adviser of the school’s yearbook. Nonetheless, she has the patience to help students from other classes and even have friendly conversations with them.

“Be sure to save some of those flowers over there,” Ms. Lacey tells a student and gestures to a vase of artificial flora. “Some of those are going to be part of my twins’ fairy costumes.”

From the empty halls of the third floor of BHS, any passing person can hear Lacey commenting the work of her class. Lacey inquires a student’s photo that concentrates fissured flaws of a road. “Is that a crack, because I think it looks like a crack?” A student innocently asks, ”Like a butt crack?” A hearty bellowing laughter of Rebecca Lacey and her students resonates in the halls, which draws the attention of passing people, wondering what could be possibly ludicrous in Digital Photography.