BHS is Thankful

Amanda Raney and Abby Heinemeyer, Journalism Students

Thanksgiving will fall on the 24th of November this year. To honor this very special day, Wildcat Word collected the top 24 things BHS students and staff members are thankful for.

1. “My family, my friends, my dog, and the turkey that we eat.” –Stephanie Pagelson ‘12

2. “Water.” –Franco Marciano ‘13

3. “Probably all the technology that we have and the ability to use it.” –Morgan Marquis ‘14

4. “I am thankful that my family is all together and that we can have a good time together.” –Josh Barrera ‘13

5. “My family, Xbox, and Fifa 12.” –Steve Cueva ‘13

6. “For friends and family because they help you through hard times and are there for you when you need them.” –Sam Reyes ‘13

7. “My family, friends, good health, and the gift of life.” –Megan Marx ‘13

8. “This experience and to use this experience to the most.” –Guilia Gotto, Italian foreign exchange student

9. “For being alive, the military, and freedom.” –Andrew Bellamy ‘13

10. “Jesus, my mom, and apple pie.” –Trevor Ochs ‘13

11. “Music, my family, and the ability to get an education.” –Kyle Gaudet ‘13

12. “My family and how they are funny and embarrassing, but not mean or serious.” –Justin Fargiano ‘15

13. “My good looks.” –Erik Thode, ‘14

14. “Girls.” – Shane Slink, ‘14

15. “Tosh.O.” – Nick Silva, ‘14

16. “Chicken Pot Pie.” – Tucker Bjornson, ‘14

17. “The opportunity to work with such great people.” –Mr. Lawlor

18. “My girlfriend.” –Will Ballard, ‘14

19. “The United States Military.” –Brian Bergen, ‘13

20. “A good school system.” –Nick Galbis, ‘13

21. “My guard family.” –Alanna Cleary, ‘12

22. “My nice fluffy cat.” –Rob Bornn, ‘14

23. “Having the opportunity to get an education.” –Tim Sheehan, ‘15

24. “Being here and being alive.” –Kevin Zakhar, ‘14