Winter Semi-Formal

Abby Heinemeyer, Journalism Student

With the winter season beginning, it is no surprise that BHS students have one thing on their mind: the Winter Semi-Formal. After much investigation, Wildcat Word found everything you need to know if you are going to make this year’s semi a success.

The dance, which is open to juniors and seniors, had students flocking to purchase their tickets after the Thanksgiving break. “We had a good response and a lot of people bought tickets,” says Laura Almonacid, the Class of 2013 co-president.

According to BHS’s director of activities, Denise Musser, 187 tickets were purchased for the event. The room, which will consist of nearly 20 tables, will have a royal blue, silver, and white color scheme to make a winter theme.

The dance will take place on December 16 at the Amber Room in Danbury. It begins at 6p.m. and students are expected to be there by 6:15 p.m.

Also attending the dance will be BHS faculty members. Deidre Hook, the Class of 2013 co-advisor, says “As always, we have plenty of staff that will there and the Amber Room is used to Bethel High School and our kids are very well behaved so I anticipate no problems and a good time had by all!”

While students will be having fun, it is important to remember that good behavior is expected. “We expect students to be respectful; we expect them to come to come to the dances on time; we expect them to have a great time dancing and eating and socializing,” states Dr. Cosentino.

With planning coming to a close and the last touches being made, Almonacid sees that the night has great potential. “I think that it is going to be a very good night.”