What is Your Dream Valentine’s Day?

Whether you are deeply in love or “forever alone,” everyone has his or her own dream Valentine’s Day. Wildcat Word found out what some BHS students wished for on their day of love.

Just going to the beach and hanging out and watching the sun. And something with chocolate covered strawberries. But if it’s a rainy day, because I love rainy days, just cuddled up by the fire, again with chocolate covered strawberries. –Elena Rinaldi ‘13

Just eating buckets of chocolate! Save the love for the sappy people. I just want chocolate. –Justin Fargiano ‘15

I want to go to the city and have dinner in the city and then go to the top of the Empire State building and watch the city go by. –Emily DeFazio ‘13

I want to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and exchange Valentine’s gifts. –Leah Principe ‘13

We are going to go to a tropical island all by ourselves. -Dustin Juers ‘15

I want my dad to come home from India with his business trip and to bring me Houser’s Chocolate for my Valentine’s Day because he has done that since I was little. –Molly Nichols ‘13

Getting your crush a gift like flowers or chocolate and they give you something without you knowing it and you tell them that you’ve liked them for a long time and they say it back and that’s how it all begins. –Joey Piatnik ‘14

We go to Hawaii! –Emma Crouse ‘15

Taking a girl to Disney World for the day, then going out to a nice restaurant, staying up late watching the stars on the beach and cuddling. –Matt Correnty ‘12

I would like to go to the beach and then listen to country music and get a promise ring while watching the stars. –Cheyenne Clark ‘13

We are going to take a spaceship and eat dinner on the moon. –Lucas Santos ‘14

A guy rings my doorbell and he has flowers and chocolates and he brings me out to dinner! –Elizabeth Galliford ‘15

It starts off with that special someone leaving me something in my mailbox, preferably chocolates, unless it is really hot outside then no. Then at school they leave me a trail of clues like a scavenger hunt, because I like scavenger hunts, and they lead me to them after school and then we have a nice dinner together, and then I meet the parents, and then we fall in love. Bam! Valentine’s Day! –Matt Bellantoni ‘12

Going to see The Vow. –Melanie Ravo ‘13

I think just being with the person you care about and doing nothing too extravagant. –Phoebe Ziegler ‘13