Blindsided by Her Future

Katherine Filler, Journalism Student

People know when Roy walks into a room because her bubbly persona projects. And yet, while most seniors are making final decisions about college, Roy is considering what some people would think is an out-of-character option. She’s deciding whether to enroll in college, or enlist with the Marines.

Roy has lived in Bethel her whole life. All of her classmates agree that Roy has a gift. Fellow classmate, Sean Roberts (’12) says, “I’ve never seen Shelbey be rude to someone. She’s always trying to help out or make people feel better, and that’s what makes her different from other people.”

Roy’s ability to emphasize with anyone is what makes her consideration of the Marines so out of character. “I’ve always had the desire to help others and going into the Marines has popped into my mind on many occasions,” she maintains. “This year, after speaking to a recruiter, it was evident that this is what I want to do.”

Although the Marines is not a choice that anyone would ever picture for her, Roy believes that joining the Marines will provide her with so many more opportunities than college would.

While in the Marines, Roy hopes to possibly work with the military police. She will take college classes all during her serving time. Roy adds, “After four years, I will get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and one day be a probation officer to help troubled youth.”

Perhaps Roy’s desire to join the Marines is not so out of character, especially if the decision is motivated by wanting to help others.