Feeling Helpless in the Help Wanted

Katherine Filler, Journalism Student

Getting a job in high school is a rite of passage. Kids are becoming more responsible and the demand for money is at its highest. Finding a job in this economy is tough for anyone, but for teens it’s almost impossible.

Steve Cueva (’12) says, “As a kid, I have zero motivation so it takes a lot of effort to keep looking. I put in applications and I never heard back from anyone; it’s really frustrating.”

Committing to a job is a huge responsibility and if kids want the job then they need to be willing to give up some of their time. Christine Graffeo (’12) says, “It’s hard to find a job that can work around my schedule because I have school and sports which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for a job.” She adds, “Jobs look for commitment and it’s hard to commit as a kid when we already don’t have that much time.”

Being responsible and getting a job is all a part of growing up. It may be hard to find one, but after filling out applications, make sure to follow up; it shows responsibility and commitment. And above all, stay determined and don’t stop looking. The right job will eventually pop up.