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Flying Solo to Prom

Times have changed. When our parents went to high school, nobody went to prom solo. Today, however, what was once a major taboo is evolving into a growing trend; every year more and more high schoolers are choosing to go stag to prom. It used to be a cause for embarrassment to be alone at prom, but now many prom-goers are triumphantly declaring that they are date-less.

Kelly Tyra (’13) attended this year’s junior prom by herself and is proud of her choice. “Going stag to prom is really a great approach. I mean you don’t have to worry about the boutonniere or dancing with one person all night, or awkward after plans. No pressure, no problems, just a night to remember!”

Physical education teacher, Sandra Jaques, learned from her high school experiences that dates do not always equal a better experience. “I think that you have more fun with a group of girlfriends than if you go with a boy. If you are dating them, then fine. But if you are out on the hunt to find somebody, I don’t think that that’s necessary.”

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with having a date. Whether you are in a relationship, have a crush, or want to just be with a best friend, a date will definitely make that prom more memorable! But going with a stranger most likely will not have the same effect.

Lily Ziegler (’13) agrees. “I don’t want to go to say I’m going with someone. I’d want to go with someone because I honestly and genuinely like him and I know it won’t be awkward.”

Prom is a night to celebrate and is a reward for all the cramming, late nights, and stress that we’ve gone through during the past year. Prom is not a night to feel obligated to someone else who you don’t even really like.

So when faced with the pressure of finding a date for prom, it is important to ask yourself why you want to go with that person. Is it because you think that he/she will make the night even more special or because you feel insecure about being by yourself? Regardless of who you go with (or without), make prom a night that you will never forget.