Spring Break Near and Far!

Spring break, April 14th -22nd is right around the corner! The students of Bethel High are ready to put their books aside for a long awaited week off from school.

With their week off, many students have big plans. Sophomore, Natalia Stifano, new to Bethel says, “I’m hopefully going to New Jersey. I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends back home.”

Other students, like sophomore Amanda Basso are venturing a little farther for their vacation. Amanda says, “I’m so excited for spring break. I’m going to the Dominican Republic!”

With College decisions to be made, many seniors are using their Spring Break to make their final rounds of visitations. Senior, Julie Zeller states, “Hopefully, after I visit some of my top choices one more time, I’ll be more sure of where I want to go.”

Seniors aren’t the only ones scheduling college visits. Many juniors are using their break to get a head start on the whole college decision process! Olivia Fargiano states she’s “traveling to New York City with my family to visit colleges.”

Most students of Bethel High though, are staying a little closer to home for their spring break. Freshman, Morgan Scails, says she’s “probably going to hang out with family, play tennis, run and take some day trips.”

Senior, Claire Rodgers plans on “catching up on the sleep I’m deprived of throughout the school week.”

Sophomore, Carina Leggio agrees. In addition to playing tennis, she also plans on sleeping, and “possibly getting a suntan from one or both of those activities.”

Regardless of their plans, the students of Bethel High are counting down the days until the start of spring vacation, and are more than ready for their week off of school!