Five Cheap & Easy Ways to Have Fun This Spring!

Bridget Conway, Journalism Student

As the cold weather begins to dissipate and we are no longer trapped in the confines of the heated indoors, the need for activities to occupy our time is greater than ever. But since the economy continues to stay in the toilet, it is a necessity that these activities be cheap in cost! Here are some ideas:

  1. Take advantage of the local parks such as Huntington and Putnam. Both are excellent places to go if you are ever bored on a sunny day. They provide trails for bike riding (mountain and leisure), hiking, and even lakes for kayaking. Also, a new phenomena has taken hold at local parks such as these, called letterboxing. Letterboxing is like a treasure hunt including navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry; basically, you find a box at a random place in the woods and leave something inside it for the next person to find. It is a pastime that is sweeping across America.
  2. Bethel has provided its residents with a beautiful educational park with amenities such as a brand-new track, numerous fields, and perfectly functional tennis courts. As the spring weather comes upon us, a jog on the track, a game of soccer on the fields, or a quick match of tennis on the courts, is an entirely free way to get outside and enjoy yourself.
  3. Every year, as spring begins, Bethel Blooms holds a craft fair downtown. It is an excellent thing to attend on a weekend. You can find cute, crafty, and unique items for very cheap. Also, every year Bethel holds the St. Mary’s Carnival and The Scotty Fund. Events like these are fun and the money you do spend, goes to a good cause!
  4. Last June, Dip & Dots in downtown Bethel closed and was replaced with a new frozen yogurt place called Peachwave. Since last summer, it has become a hotspot for all ages to get a quick treat and meet up just to hangout. At any point in time, if you go to Peachwave, you will always run into someone you know. A perfect opportunity to make plans!
  5. Fairfield County is full of public places such as Fairfield beach and Candlewood Lake that are perfect to go to on spring days. Although parking may cost a few bucks, traveling to one of these places would be ideal to take a swim, have a picnic, or throw a Frisbee.

BONUS: If one day in the season you are willing to spend some money on an adventure and maybe even willing to travel some distance, Catamount Ski Mountain in New York, only forty-five minutes to an hour away, has an adventure park constructed in the treetops on the mountain. It is a different and exciting experience: guaranteed fun!

So as the weather continues to get nicer make it your goal this spring to get outside, be active, and enjoy yourself! As you can see from these few ideas, it is easy and cheap!