Art Talent at BHS

Katherine Filler, Journalism Student

The Bethel High School art show will roll around once again. On Thursday, May 17, BHS art students will display their art work and photography skills. Their work will be viewed by students, staff, family members, and judges.

Wednesday evening, judges will come to view all the art, choose their favorites and award artists. During the school day on Thursday, students and staff can view all the exhibits and displays. Later Thursday night at 7pm, the show will be open to the public.

Putting together an art show is not an easy task, and Ms. Lynn Ferrier, art teacher, describes it as a “huge physical undertaking.” While students start working on their pieces and displays at the beginning of the first and second semester, it all starts to come together Monday through Wednesday.

AP art students are all required to set up their own exhibits consisting of the pieces that they have completed throughout the year. AP art student and co-president of the art honors society, Annie Buchholz (’12) explains that they are now “blindly hoping to get it all done.”

The amount of pressure that sets in before the show is tremendous. This is the time when everything comes together and the work that the students have put into their pieces is put on display for everyone. Not to mention, many of these art students have the added pressure of AP exams.

Buchholz adds, “The Art department has to pick up the speed, but once we start actually working on setting everything up, it’ll get much easier.”

Be sure to come down to the BHS gymnasium Thursday, May 17th to see all your friends’ art work and to pick who should be awarded the Student Choice Award!