Going For Gold

staff after olympics

staff after olympics

Jonathan De Los Santos, Journalism Student

And they’re off!

The EMT Olympics took place at the Bethel fire department on May 3rd with teams from Bethel High School, Joel Barlow, New Fairfield High School, and New Milford High School competing for the gold.

“One of the three main events happening at this Olympics was school team jeopardy,” explained Sherri Holmberg, the hostess of the EMT Olympics. “There was also a team scenario where teams from each school did a scenario and were graded on accuracy scene size up and efficiency. Last, they were assessed on individual knowledge.”

“This event incorporated everything we learned during the course, all the hands on and knowledge based experiences,” said Shanelle Edwards (’11). She adds that students were put in real life experiences.

The EMT Olympics is designed to be very challenging. Michael DeLosSantos, a Volunteer EMS provider, stated “the schools get to practice real life skills that they will encounter in the field.”

Judges admitted that it was hard to grade the competitors, but they pulled it together and came up with fair scores for all the schools attending.

Bethel took 1st place in the Academic Challenge and 1st place in the Cash Ambulance event. Mike Kaluta came in 1st place in scenario assessment, with Brian Bergen in 2nd place, and Brian Wille in 3rd place. Chuck Bosworth placed 3rd in Individual Knowledge.