Senior Prom in the Works

Lauren DeSimone, Journalism Student

Prom season is in full swing.  All of the stress for girls about what to do about a date, what dress to pick, and which hairstyle to choose will continue to build until Friday, June 1st, when seniors will be gathering for their last hoorah at the Amber Room in Danbury.

However, the stress for boys grows too. Senior girls have high expectations for getting asked to prom. Some creative proposals this year include putting “prom?” in a fortune cookie, hanging a sign out in the senior lot, and making a school-wide announcement.

These unique proposals contribute to some senior girls high expectations. “I’m expecting senior prom to be better then junior prom,” says Katerina Cuneo (’12). “It’s our last dance and everyone complained about the DJ for junior prom last year so hopefully this year will turn out better.”

Unlike last year, many seniors will need to watch how they dance because of the controversy at Ring Dinner and Junior Prom.  Many students are angry because of the new dance policies, which leave seniors wondering how Senior Prom will be.

“We’ve danced the same way at every school event so I don’t think that it will be much different at Senior Prom,” says Cara McAteer (’12).

Ms. Denise Musser, one of the activity coordinators said, “We anticipate that we won’t have to speak to anyone at the dance and hope they know what is inappropriate or not.”

If students are caught inappropriately dancing they will be given a warning the first time and then asked to sit down if it continues.

After the prom, students will go to the post-prom where they have a chance to win prizes, such as computers, televisions and more for college. The post prom typically runs from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.  There will be a hypnotist and a bunch of games to keep seniors occupied through the night.

“We’re expecting the post prom to run smoothly and for everyone to stay until it finishes,” says Mrs. Michelle Bradshaw, math teacher at Bethel High.

Many seniors attend and look forward to post prom because it is one of the last times that they can be together as a class. With college and future plans beginning soon, prom and post prom will be bittersweet.