10 Tips to Avoiding the “Freshman 15”

Katherine Filler, Journalism Student

Going to college is an exciting time, but does require adjustments. High school seniors who were comfortable living at home and having three square wholesome meals will be faced with temptations of the dining halls as college freshmen. The good news is the “Freshmen 15” does not have to be inevitable. Follow these ten tips from Devon Correll, a sophomore at Bryant University, and you won’t fall victim to the bulge.

1. Eat three meals per day: Don’t try and skip breakfast or dinner and think that snacking in between will cover for the missed meals. Skipping an important meal can really hurt your body because when you don’t have any fats or sugars coming in, your body will begin to use up the natural fats and sugars for the energy it needs.

2. Include as many food groups into every meal: You shouldn’t eat just one thing during every meal. For breakfast, instead of just having a bowl of cereal, try including some fruit and maybe some toast with jelly or peanut butter. Including as many food groups into one meal will give you the energy you need to make it through the day.

3. Limit your portions: Don’t over-indulge yourself when going into the dining hall. Even though it’ll be extremely tempting to grab a little bit of everything, you should control your portions because next thing you know, you’ll be walking around with a food baby and no one wants that.

4. Drink plenty of water: Water is not only good for you, but it’ll help fill you up faster. Once you get into college and get into your routine, there’ll be sodas and coffee and sugary drinks all over. So instead of spending the money every time you want something to drink, buy one reusable water bottle and just fill it up at a water fountain before going to the library or a lecture, your wallet will thank you.

5. Keep healthy snacks on-board: Most likely, there will be a refrigerator in your dorm so instead of calling for pizza or Chinese, grab an apple or a granola bar to hold you over during a late night study session.

6. Exercise: Take complete advantage of the gym and track! It’s right there and free for students. Don’t become lazy and get the mentality that all you have to do is eat, sleep, and go to class. Start off college with a positive mind-set and include the gym in your daily routine. It’s easy and you will be happy with the results.

7. Partying: Parties are all over campus and you’re going to want to go to all of them to meet new friends. Be responsible and don’t overindulge.

8. Walk everywhere: Almost everything you will need is right there on campus and within walking distance. Avoid taking a bus or your car (if you have one) to your classes, dorms, or anywhere you need to go. If it’s cold, wear a jacket. If it’s raining, bring an umbrella. Walk with friends. It’s easy exercise and the cheapest form of transportation.

9. Reward yourself: If you do really well on a test or you went on a really long run one day, reward yourself. Don’t overdo it on the chocolate or the sugars; limit your dessert to a cookie or two with one scoop low fat ice cream. Your dining halls have plenty to offer so you just have to pick your sweets wisely.

10. Get enough sleep: Once you get into college, you’ll find your sleeping habits will suddenly get off track and you will lose a significant hours of sleep each night. Getting enough sleep with help you make good decisions about diet and exercise.