Dress Code Distress

Bridget Conway & Lauren DeSimone, Journalism Students

The dress code here at Bethel High School has been a long, fought-over topic of discussion: students struggling to oblige to rules and administration refusing to compromise. As summer fast approaches, the dress code argument has heated up again.

Dr. Cosentino, principal of BHS, stands strictly by her rules of the three B’s and three inches from the knee. “The staff and I here at BHS strive to achieve a professional atmosphere with ROTC uniform days, dress for success, and athletic teams wearing their uniforms.” Dr. Cosentino, along with many other staff members, believes school is a place for “appropriate clothing,” frowning upon short shorts and spaghetti straps

However, with two completely opposing sides, where can a concession be drawn between appropriate and inappropriate?

The administration argues that the clothing girls wear such as tight skirts, short shorts, and thin straps act as a mechanism of distraction to certain students – especially the boys.

When confronted about these alleged “distractions,” the boys of BHS came to their defense. Brendan Kelly, a senior at BHS says, “It’s just like being in any other public place. What girls wear to school is no different from anywhere else. I just focus on my work.”

It seems as if the dispute regarding the dress code is never ending – the arguments each side presents being refuted by the other. As the years pass, it will be interesting to see if the dress code ever changes.