Take a Trip to College in Under 45 Minutes


Check out the bulletin board in Student Services (designed by Mrs. Hallock) for upcoming visits!

Kendall Meenan, Journalism Student

BETHEL HIGH SCHOOL – Parents of seniors dread the fall season because of long car rides spent touring the region, visiting potential universities. But, that travel doesn’t have to be a headache thanks to the College and Career Center at BHS where students can experience a college campus without leaving Bethel.

Over the course of the next two months, admission counselors from over 100 schools from Maine to Maryland will be giving presentations to BHS seniors. These officers share their abundance of valuable information, because they are usually the primary person to screen an undergraduate’s application.

Mrs. Danielle Conley, College and Career Center Associate says, “The visits provide students with a way to learn about what colleges have to offer in a short period of time.”

According to Mrs. Conley, on average, these visits are attended by 5 to 10 students. This creates a welcoming environment optimal for asking specific questions tailored to majors and other information.  Also, the visits are only 30 to 45 minutes long, so the details are presented in a concise manner.

But, those 30 to 45 minutes are packed with information that can give a basic overview of the school. Most presenters hand out a business card and pamphlet as well as provide a wealth of information from campus size to the application process.

Every vital detail is included, but it is recommended that students do their own research in order to select which visit they want to attend, because it is very unlikely that they will be able to take part in all of them, especially since the amount of representatives keeps increasing.

Mrs. Conley advises:  “Learn a little about the school and whether or not they offer what you’re interested in before attending. If you have a specific academic interest, find out if a school has it before attending the visit.”

Not only are these visits a chance for students to receive imperative facts and narrow down choices, but they can make a first impression as well. The presentations are conducted by undergraduate admissions officers so students are given the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the person who will be reading their application later.

This initial meeting is crucial according to Mrs. Conley. She also explains: “It helps the admission counselor match a face to an application. It allows a student to make a positive impression, as well as demonstrate the student’s interest in a school.”

Juniors and seniors at BHS can register through Naviance to attend the visits. Once they have enrolled students need to print the confirmation screen and have it signed by their teacher, which is a very simple process.

The college visits at BHS provide a plethora of valuable information that is essential to selecting the right school. With the help of Mrs. Conley in the College and Career Center students can interact with potential schools without even leaving Bethel.

Overall, Mrs. Conley describes the visits as “a way to learn about what a colleges have to offer in a short period of time. College visits are a valuable tool.”