Spirit Week 2013 Guide!


Patrick Hannagan, Sports Writer

Guess what time is coming up soon? Spirit Week and Homecoming at Bethel High School! Here is your guide to everything you need to know about Spirit Week!

Things to Remember:

  • If you participate in any of the theme days, make sure to check in at the Student Government table outside the cafeteria every day to get points for your grade towards the BHS Spirit Cup!
  • While it is Spirit Week, you still have classes, so you still need to follow all school rules (including the dress code) and do your work!
  • Don’t do anything that will cause the administrators or teachers to need to take action and ruin your fun!
  • Be responsible, don’t be stupid, and have fun!

Monday, October 14: No school! What better way to start a week than getting to sleep in for an extra day?

Home Sports Games:

  • Field Hockey vs. Westhill, 10:00 AM
  • Girls Soccer vs. Kolbe Cathedral, 3:45 PM

Tuesday, October 15: Spirit Week kicks off with going back in time on Decades Day! Dress up like you belong in a different era! The 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s are all popular choices, but feel free to go crazy and dress up like you belong in the 90’s or the 50’s and earlier! Not dressing up and saying you are from the 2000’s WILL NOT count as participating.

Home Sports Games:

  • Volleyball vs. Holy Cross, 5:00 PM

Wednesday, October 16: Today is Character Day! Show your Wildcat Pride and dress up as your favorite character! Whether you want to be your favorite Disney Princess, Superhero, Harry Potter character, cartoon character, movie/book/TV character, or anything else you can think of is up to you! Don’t hold back your creativity!
-The PSATS are on Wednesday morning, meaning shortened classes! All Juniors are required to take them, but it does mean a modified schedule! You will get more information as the date approaches. Keep this in mind if you plan on going crazy with your class colors, you may want to wait until after the test to dress up!

Thursday, October 17: Show off your class spirit in Class Color Day! Deck yourself head to toe in your grade’s color, and don’t be afraid to go all out! Colors: Seniors, Red; Juniors, Green; Sophomores, Blue; Freshmen, Yellow. Remember: DUCT TAPE IS NOT ALLOWED! Don’t make it so your administrators have to intervene!

Home Sports Games:

  • Cross Country SWC Championship Meet: Boys: 4:00 PM, Girls: 4:30 PM

Friday, October 18: Homecoming: what the whole week has been leading up to! The final day of Spirit Week is Wildcat Spirit Day! Show off your school spirit and pride for Bethel High by wearing as much maroon as possible! Go all out to finish Spirit Week with a bang! Even better, you get shortened classes for…
PEP-RALLY: This year’s Homecoming Pep Rally is moving back outside, weather permitting, to the Ralph DeSantis Field and Stadium this year! All your class’s effort will be rewarded here. Talk to your Class Officers to sign up for the competitions that are going to be included in the Pep Rally and help your class win the Spirit Cup!
HOMECOMING BONFIRE: Immediately after the Homecoming Football game, head up to the Senior Parking Lot for the Homecoming Bonfire: the fun conclusion to a great week!

Home Sports Games:

  • Volleyball vs. Newtown, 5:00 PM
  • Field Hockey vs. Immaculate, 7:00 PM
  • Football vs. Derby, 7:00 PM

Go Wildcats!