Chatting with Caridi


Kendall Meenan, Staff Writer

She wears an inviting smile as she listens carefully to the concerns of the student in front of her. Still paying close attention, she turns towards her computer trying to consider the best possible option for her new student. They meticulously discuss every choice, and she provides as much information as she can. After much deliberation, the student leaves the office satisfied with the session.

Her hair is cut chin length and hangs straight, framing her face. Her style is on the simpler side, a chic sweater and khaki pants. She promotes a safe and comfortable atmosphere inside of her office. Her smile makes her seem more like a friend than a guidance counselor. She has a witty sense of humor.

Corinne Caridi is the new guidance counselor at Bethel High School, and is excited to take on a caseload of 242 students.

After high school, Ms. Caridi spent four years at Western Connecticut State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She then started work as an administrative assistant for a non-profit YMCA, as well as at a Board of Education Special Education Office. She references this as her gap time, where she discovered her desire to become a school guidance counselor. Thereafter, she attended Mercy College in New York for two years and graduated with a Master’s Degree under her belt.

Ms. Caridi has not met with all of her students yet, so she strongly encourages them to reach out to her because she wants to develop a relationship with every one of them. She is always “going, going, going,” so that makes it difficult for her to reach out to all of her students.

“I like to utilize PowerSchool and look at pictures of students and if I see them in the hall I say hello. They might not know who I am, but I know who they are,” she says with a laugh.

Ms. Caridi is extremely dedicated to her students. She is continuously working in order to improve the high school experience and help them to establish a plan for the future.

“I’m full of information, that’s what I’m here for, I’m a resource to provide information so that they can make the best choice for themselves,” she explains.

Even though Ms. Caridi is constantly busy, she absolutely loves it. To her, meeting a new student everyday is exciting.

Meghan Kirschbaum ‘16 met with Ms. Caridi because of a scheduling conflict and had a very positive experience. According to Meghan, Ms. Caridi is very easy to talk to as well as extremely helpful.

She states: “My first impression was that she was very welcoming and friendly and I really like her! She answered all of my questions and helped me out alot with the concerns I had.”

Ms. Caridi confesses that she likes to connect with her students on a personal level. She encourages them to stop by her office and tell her about the dress they bought for Homecoming or the touchdown they threw to win Friday night’s football game. In other words, she wants to relate to her students and be a part of their life at Bethel High School.

In fact she states, “I like the check-ins because it builds the relationship with the students. I wish I could have an advisory with all my students, I love advisory, it’s so great.”