10 Fun Fall Activities

10 Fun Fall Activities

Alex Larosa, Staff Writer

While I’m not usually the one to write a list article, I decided to take a swing at it, given that we’ve done one each of our past years around fall. Here are ten time-consuming activities to fill your fall with!

1. Blue Jay Orchards is always nice this time of year. Strangely, if you go there at any other point during the year, they seem to be closed. Either way, you can expect a fun time full of apple picking, pumpkin lugging, and hay rides.

2. Carving pumpkins is a natural extension of the first item on this list. Great before Halloween. Or during. Or after. Or whenever, I guess. Look, I’m not telling you when you can and can’t carve pumpkins.

3. Have a lot of free time on your hands? Are you incredibly lonely? Then why not spend a good few minutes raking up leaves (by yourself) and then jumping in them (by yourself).

4. Get ready for Halloween editions of your favorite TV shows. Just be aware that most of your favorite shows are most likely cartoons.

5. Go hang around some graveyards in the hopes of finding some ghosts trying to talk to you. I’m sure even ghosts get bored, and you’re a pretty lively conversational partner, no matter what your friends and family say.

6. Go on any social media site, and post a stock photo of leaves, or other fall-related things, all the while claiming the picture is 100% original. I’m sure no one will know, and you’ll seem cool and totally in-season. It may or may not distract you from crippling boredom, and it’s a fun alternative to actually going outside.

7. Write a satirical list piece regarding activities to perform during the fall. Hope someone gets it.

8. Pick up the Wildcat Word. Or go to its website!

9. Agree that number eight was shameless advertising, and shake your head, whilst furrowing your eyebrows, all the while wondering to yourself how such an article was allowed.

10. Rinse and repeat.