Ugly Holiday Sweaters: A How To


Kasey Burke, Staff Writer

It seems as though ugly holiday sweaters are the new staple for the winter months. From candy canes to the blow-up snowman on front lawns, hideous holiday themed sweaters are the perfect way to spread holiday cheer.

Over the last few years, the trend has taken off considerably and cemented itself as a new tradition for many. Ugly holiday sweaters used to be a thing of the past – something your grandmother would religiously break out the second the calendar read November 1st. Recently, this trend has become one of the many ways to celebrate and show holiday spirit. It’s a very self-aware trend; the more ridiculous and satirical the sweater is, the better.

Some might think that this holiday trend is not for them or that it will be impossible to get the smell of lasagna out of your grandmother’s reindeer sweater, but fear not! Here are some tips for perfecting the ugly holiday sweater this winter:

  • If you’re on the hunt for a sweater, make your first stop your family’s closet. You might have to dig deep but the effort might be worth it. (Points to you if it still smells like the family member!)

  • While that search doesn’t always follow through, one at a local thrift store or consignment shop probably will. Give Goodwill a peruse and see what you can find! Caution: weird smells included in some sweaters upon purchase.

  • Once you bring the sweater home, put it in your dryer on high so the heat will kill any germs or bacteria hanging out in the fabric. Try not to put it on your body without washing it first, just out of my own concern for your hygiene. Also, it may have been hanging around the store you bought it for a while and it may trigger your allergies.

  • If you want to wash the sweater, try and figure out what fabric it is first. There’s a whole bunch of fabrics out there, so you may have no choice but to dry it clean! Dry cleaning helps with the cleanliness of the fabric but the sweater may still smell like old man feet when you get it back.

  • When you have your sweater all nice and clean, don’t forget to accessorize! Hats are a great way to complete the outfit. Continue with the color scheme of the sweater to make a cohesive, while horrific, ensemble.

  • Remember – don’t take yourself too seriously! You’re wearing the ugliest article of clothing you’ve probably put on your body, so run with it. The uglier, the better!