The Story of Al

The Story of Al

RuoHong Huang, Staff Writer

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is how he labels his hair and “BYOT: Ban Your Own Technology” is his classroom motto. However, dedicating his valuable and priceless knowledge to Bethel High School for half of his lifetime stems greatly from compassion, and helping his students to achieve their goals lives in his enthusiasm. Al Bibeau, an ordinary guy who deeply respects the essence of history.

Becoming a history teacher is a goal that Mr. Bibeau strived to achieve in the time when education still seemed meager and scarce. In spite of that it didn’t stop him from getting the education in order to succeed. Though the inspiration that truly influenced him of becoming a teacher came in the form of a middle school teacher who he genuinely admired.

“We learn from the past, so we won’t make the same mistake,” says Al Bibeau. As a history teacher, he feels the need of forwarding the messages of past to the new generations, hoping the mistakes won’t be repeated. Undoubtedly, it’s no surprise that Mr. Bibeau pays attention to all the current political events, and watches all the history channels. Perhaps even more meaningful, some historical events that he has witnessed in his lifetime, “John F Kennedy” who he also deeply respects and believes “was a great president, and as a history teacher, there is always an aspect of him that wants to know who is the murderer”.

Although years of teaching experiences at Bethel High School have truly enriched his personal life and the teaching skills, he still always wants to be better. “I constantly want to be better, and in my class, I always push my students to work harder and try my best to help them achieve their goals,” he says. And over time, the importance of helping his students to be better and improved seems more than just his job.

In his perspectives, high school life is undeniably tougher than what he was having, students begin to feel all kinds of pressure from social aspects, facing the classes that are more challenging and strenuous, “The courses are more challenging, the level of academic in high school is much harder, and school  now offers different variety of courses,” says Mr. Bibeau. In the fact of the world is developing and changing in a speedy pace, Al Bibeau feels the urge to improve himself thoroughly on academics in order to catch up what is going on with the world.

“Never stop trying to improve yourself, everyone can do a little bit better,” says Mr. Bibeau. Though no one is perfect, Mr. Bibeau believes that if you are willing to work a little bit harder, you will improve each day.